West Wisconsin Land Trust Volunteer

Making a Difference

Since 1988, WWLT has conserved over 25,000 acres from the bluffs of the Mississippi to the coastal plain of Lake Superior. WWLT has conserved over 200 properties, from working farms to wild lakeshores. Some properties are as small as a ½ acre others are as large as 700 acres.

Each conserved property is unique. The conservation of these lands is permanent and ongoing, requiring that each conserved land must be visited at least once every year to document changes in land use and to ensure that the conservation easement terms are upheld. To do this, WWLT relies on a combination of our conservation staff and a network of committed volunteer monitors who visit and inspect conserved properties throughout the region.

We are currently recruiting volunteers to monitor our conserved lands.

Here’s the basics:

• Work typically occurs spring through fall.

• Training is typically ½ day. This involves 90 minutes at our office and then a field trip with WWLT staff for a monitoring visit. All you need to bring for the training is good shoes and a love of the outdoors.

• In making monitoring assignments, we will try to match your home location and the time you have available to the monitoring needs in your area.

• A typical monitoring visit takes about one to two hours plus travel time. There is also about 15 minutes of paperwork.

If you have an interest in West Wisconsin Land Trust’s Volunteer Monitoring please contact our Conservation Director, Rick Remington, at [email protected] or call 715.232.8850.